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To score an awesome gift for the car lover in your life, check out these slick car accessories to make any ride extra cool. Car Decoration Interior Accessories

Cool Car Accessories You Can Buy on Amazon – Car and Driver

This article was updated in September 2023 with new products and information.

Whether you are driving a brand-new vehicle or your ride's new-car smell wore off long ago, adding a cool car accessory or three can go a long way toward making your car feel fresh and personalized. To achieve this, we've sourced these gadgets and gizmos to make your ride more fun to be in. Some are useful in vehicles of any age, while others add modern functionality to an older car. Better yet, these accessories make great gifts for a fellow car lover.

The best part about these items is that they're a simple click away on Amazon—something most of us use all the time. So do your ride a favor (or any other car lover in your life) and check out these cool car accessories—see if there's one that'll make your time behind the wheel even more enjoyable.

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Interior LED lights seem to be all the rage these days, and this kit from Govee is one of the top-rated choices on Amazon. By using the Govee Home app, you can unlock up to 16 million different colors and even utilize Music mode—where the colors bounce to the beat of your tunes. Simply install with adhesive strips, plug into the 12V socket, and you're good to go.

Speedometer doesn't work? Or maybe you've upgraded with some larger wheels? Keep an eye on your GPS-provided speed with this head-up display. But that's not all. The HUD also can display acceleration numbers, battery voltage, and trip time. Just plug it into the 12-volt socket, and you're all set.

Those little compartments alongside your vehicle's doors fill up with trash way too fast. A solution? Pick up this leakproof car trash can. It can strap on either headrests or your center console and can double as storage or a cooler when not in trash mode.

Welcome to the future. The Wolfbox G840S has it all and then some: a massive 12.0-inch display that doubles as a mirror, a high-quality camera that performs fantastically well both day and night, and an integrated dashcam built into the display for recording what's going on in front of you as well. In fact, the Wolfbox came out on top in our backup camera test.

Keep all of your vehicle's important documents organized with this handy holder that fits right in your glovebox. With clear pockets galore, you can fit and display insurance cards, registration, and other important info without embarrassingly digging through paperwork.

Know someone who always has a stick or two of lip balm on them at all times? Those little guys can be so tricky to keep track of, but this lip-balm holder (aptly named the Car Chap) erases that problem. Simply stick it on wherever is handy, and you're good to go. Holds lip-balm tubes up to 3/4-inch wide.

This trunk organizer is excellent for drivers who like to keep stuff in their car. With multiple storage compartments and a tie-down system, the collapsible organizer will keep your groceries, tools, and more secure and contained. It'll fit in your trunk, or your front seat if you want to keep your stuff within reach.

Sometimes, dust on the inside of your car warrants a clean. You don't want to be breathing that stuff in anyway. But what if you didn't need to break out the Shop-Vac—which can be a pain. Solve that issue with this dust brush, which stores nicely in your glovebox when you don't need it.

If you do a lot of night driving, these might be a cool thing to try. The solar-powered LED lights screw onto your valve stems and illuminate in your choice of four colors. They're built to be waterproof and will automatically turn on once wheel speeds reach 15.5 mph. We're a bit skeptical on how these actually look, but for $15, it's worth a shot!

If you need a little road-trip buddy, look no further—this li'l swinging duck will keep you company. Just strap it around your rearview mirror and watch him sway along with the bumps in the road.

We all want USB ports in our cars now, particularly to charge our phones and power other devices. But getting those ports can be tricky and ugly—this little gizmo changes that. It's designed to fit in your cigarette lighter port and stay flush, which looks cleaner while also providing two extra USB ports. Win-win.

If you've ever lost something in the abyss between your front seats and the center console—and who hasn't?—you've likely thought, "Why doesn't someone do something about this?" The folks at Drop Stop have. The Seat Gap Filler's name says exactly what it does. This inventive product promises to prevent many future hand contortions—as well as the occasional skinned knuckle—due to lost change, pens, phones, keys, or anything else prone to falling into the no man's land between the seat and center console.

The pistol-style AVID Power Cordless stood out in our test by stepping it up a notch without increasing the price much. It provides a secondary power option via your car's 12V outlet, plus the package includes two of each kind of valve adapter. If we were shopping for a portable tire inflator to keep in our car, we'd have to pick this one.

Do your kiddos want to watch a movie in the back seat? Or maybe you want to catch up on your favorite show while you enjoy a meal in the McDonald's parking lot. This screen magnifier is designed to take the image from your phone's screen and magnify it by three or four times.

These rechargeable LED cup holder lights can transform any ordinary water bottle into a jug of neon-green nuclear waste in a matter of seconds. The discs are charged via USB cable and have up to eight hours of battery life while emitting one of seven colors.

The Mandalorian's iconic helmet has become instantly recognizable from the show, so why not add it to your ride? Simply adhere the alloy-steel ring around your vehicle's push-to-start button, choose your style of Mando mask, and close it over the button. Now every time you want to start up your ride, it's like flipping a switch on a starfighter.

While you should never let a phone distract you from driving, a well-placed phone holder can make it much easier to play music or operate the navigation app from behind the wheel. There are hundreds of mounts to choose from, but we picked this Belkin model because it performed very well in our test.

For a light-duty power inverter that does a little bit of everything, the SuperOne 150W is our pick. Featuring two USB, one AC, and two cigarette lighter–style ports, there's room for a host of different gadgets. It's rated for 150 watts, which might not sound like a whole lot but is enough for most electronic devices necessary for a pleasant family road trip. Because of its versatility, we loved it in our power inverters test.

These headrest hooks are a simple, genius way to keep your grocery bags or purse easily within reach. Just hook around the legs of a headrest—these bad boys are rated to hold up to 13 pounds each. Better yet, you get four of them in a pack.

Blind spots can be very dangerous, so stick some blind-spot mirrors on to expand your visibility. This is especially useful for folks who have difficulty performing head checks or vehicles with large blind spots. Just stick them on the top outside corners of both mirrors and you're good to go.

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